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Support & FAQs

If you don't see your answers below, please email us at We'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you!


What is Lovewick?

Lovewick is a couples app. It’s not a dating app, it’s not couples therapy, and it’s not just entertainment. We designed our features and content to deepen your connection, show each other that you care even when life gets busy, and never stop trying new things together. 


Who is Lovewick for?

Lovewick is for anyone interested in nurturing a romantic relationship. That said, we do personalize your experience based on the Relationship Quiz that's part of the sign-up process. For example, you may get different questions and goals depending on whether or not you’re long distance, engaged, have kids, or are from different cultural or racial backgrounds.


Where does Lovewick get its content?

Lovewick content is inspired by academic research, relationship experts (psychologists and therapists), and stories of real couples. To get a taste of the research and literature, check out our Works Cited page. As far as stories from real couples, we’ve conducted 200+ interviews with a diversity of individuals and couples.


Does my partner have to download Lovewick, too?

Nope! Couples where both people use the app and are “paired” together tend to get the most out of Lovewick, but you can certainly download the app on your own to get some great questions and ideas for deepening your relationship.


What does it cost to use Lovewick?

To spread the love during such a tough time and get Lovewick into the hands of as many couples as possible, all app content will be free at least through mid-2022. We're a small team, and our priority is to learn quickly and build something you really love! If you really want to "thank us" (some of you have asked if you can donate, which is such a lovely thought), give us feedback about how to make the app better ( and tell your friends about us! Our pricing may change over time, but making Lovewick inclusive and affordable is extremely important to us even as we grow and change. 


Does Lovewick share any personal information with third parties for their own advertising purposes?

Absolutely not. We think it’d be quite shady to share information about your relationship (that can be intimate and personal!) with third parties for their marketing purposes. That said, we do link out to third party products and services (like restaurants, hotels, concert tickets, events) that you can choose to click on if you find them valuable. If you click on those links and end up buying something, we may earn a small commission, but again, none of your relationship data is being shared. For more information, please check out our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

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