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Press Kit

We’ve collected some resources for anyone interested in writing about Lovewick. Reach out to us at for further questions or materials. Thanks for your interest!


​Dating app? Nope. Couples therapy? Nuh-uh. Lovewick is a couples app designed to help you and your partner grow and stay in love, without it feeling like “work”. Whether you’ve been together 6 months or 16 years, feel more connected, appreciated, and adventurous through new conversations and experiences -- the 1000+ exploratory questions, 500+ date and relationship goal ideas, and bite-sized journaling feature are inspired by stories of diverse couples as well as academic and clinical research on what makes love last.


​Lovewick is a couples app with an exploratory question game, community-inspired date ideas, and research-based relationship tips to help you and your partner grow and stay in love, without it feeling like “work”.


Lovewick founder Ali Maggioncalda set out to use her background in behavioral science (Stanford), tech (Medallia), and design (Royal College of Art) to help a diversity of couples stay in love without it feeling like "work". Why? Good relationships and marriages aren’t just nice to have; research shows that the quality of our interpersonal relationships is more predictive of a long, happy life than social class, IQ, or even genes (Harvard Study of Adult Development). Unfortunately, the average relationship is generally less satisfying than generations past, and even though there are countless apps and services to help us find love, there’s little beyond therapy and counseling to help us keep it. Furthermore, there are unique opportunities and challenges in this era of “modern love”. In the US, around 40% of people have met a romantic partner online, people are getting married later (or not at all), and there are more dual income, intercultural, interracial, long-distance, and LGBTQ+ couples than ever before. Modern couples are navigating more choice with less bandwidth (time and attention). Given all this -- the importance of relationships for our health, the shortage of resources to help couples feel connected, valued, and adventurous, and a rapidly changing context for love and relationships -- Ali founded Lovewick to be an inclusive, playful, and trustworthy resource that couples can use to grow and stay in love, beyond “the match”.  The MVP app launched in the US in late 2020 and has since attracted over 100k downloads.


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