Make it last, beyond the match

In a world full of distractions, Lovewick helps couples feel more connected, valued, and adventurous.



Discovery Cards

Deepen your connection through open-ended questions


Why? Sharing our hopes, beliefs, turn-ons, mistakes, and more with our partner (self-disclosure) is associated with higher relationship quality and lower rates of divorce. It's hard to come up with "good" questions when we work 1000 hours more a year than couples 30 years ago, so Lovewick is here to help! (Finkel, 2017; Gottman, 2015)

Relationship Goals

Grow together with "goal" ideas from research and other couples


Research suggests that most relationships become less fulfilling over time (rough to hear, we agree!) So, let's get intentional about trying something new or doing something thoughtful. You are significantly more likely to achieve a goal that you write down and share with someone, so start with something small today. (Finkel, 2017; Matthews, 2015)



We are modern romantics, passionate about using technology to enable more meaningful connection offline.


Pulling from the fields of social psychology, neurobiology, and experience design, we've designed Lovewick to help diverse couples make the most of their relationships, no matter the label. It isn't therapy, and it also isn't just for fun. It's relationship science distilled into playful, effective tools for building satisfying relationships. If you would like to learn more or have any feedback as we develop, please get in touch!


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